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An useful buying guide for gaming chair buyers


An useful buying guide for gaming chair buyers

Internet cafes are now very popular with young people, and gaming chair has already become a basic configuration in internet cafes. An qualified gaming chair is also called ergonomic chair which has a variety of advantages. But many net friends consider that the price of the gaming chair is a little bit high than other ordinary office chair. Have you ever think of these questions: Why is it so expensive? What seems so cool just become an overpriced novelty?


Because of the uneven gaming chair market, the price is mainly divided into several grades. Dxracer is recognized as the flagship enterprise in this industry, but the high price makes people shrink back at the sight. This is the first grade. The rival brand in the price is Arcadian which is produced by a car seat manufacturer in Hangzhou. The produce often pricing in the same level with Dxracer, sometimes even higher than Dxracer.


The second grade are some relatively niche brands. To compared with Dxracer, it seems that there is no much difference between them but the latter products are moderately priced. For general buyers, I really recommended that Ewin maybe a wise choice for you.


Another grade are some less known and inferior brands. They are produced with unknown materials under varying quality standard, so it’s hard to comment the safe quality. Of course, there are some cheap and fine products. You have to carefully identify and select every details both on the appearance and the quality.


For a good gaming chair, there are huge differences in PU leathers. The differences of PU in different kinds of chairs are embodies with wearing coefficient, environmental requirements, anti-oxidation and flexible fullness.

The material and structure of backrest and cushion are two key points design and manufacturing which decides the user experience. Ewin is made of high quality spring bandage which ensures the comfort and elasticity of our gaming chair. 


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