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Beat the Heat with Savory Hawaiian Shave Ice

The Frozen Frog LV

Beat the Heat with Savory Hawaiian Shave Ice

When the sun heats you up with the blazes and sweltering temperature, it becomes extremely necessary to cool down and feel rejuvenated. You might feel like jumping into the pool or dip yourself into a bathtub filled up with cold water. However, if you are outside, there are some awesome ways to tackle the summer. The best thing you can do is visit this Gourmet and Sweet Shop to enjoy chilling Hawaiian Shave Ice.

There is wide variety of flavors of Hawaiian shave ice that this shop offers. It is known as one of the most popular desserts during the summer. The dessert has a Shave Ice, which has an ultimate texture and perfect consistency to absorb the savory syrup that highlights the authentic taste of Hawaiian dessert. Sweet and pleasing taste would surely bring a smile on your face. Shaving ice has a great finishing that appears like a snow. 

Though Hawaiian ice originates from Hawaii, it is available at Las Vegas at this gourmet shop too. One of the best-frozen delicacies from Hawaiian Islands is here to serve your food fantasies. You can enjoy having shave ice all over the year, anytime you wish to. This mouth-watery dessert is the perfect way to make heat just disappear. This shop offers you tempting selections of toppings and flavors to add it inside the shave ice. Some of the popular combinations include firebelly frog, bubble frog, pixie frog, flying frog, wiggle worms, chubby frogs, and frozen frogs, floating frog and lot more. All these sealable combos make it the most demanding dessert, during the summers.                

Even if you are a fitness freak, you do not need to worry. You can still relish its taste because the toppings and flavors are glucose and sugar free. With a soft, fluffy and feathery Hawaiian shave ice, you will feel as if you are on a voyage to the heaven. When the sun makes you sweaty with irritating heat, a cup of this dessert with crispy and fluffy bites is the ideal way to be refreshed with full of energy. 

If you love eating popcorns sitting on a couch, watching your favorite series or movie, you can buy delicious popcorns with unique flavors from this shop. Gourmet Popcorns are extremely popular as they satisfy your palate with yummy, crunchy and crispy textures. These flavors include butter, savory, sweet and supreme. 

Butter popcorns offer you perfectly salty and buttery taste that stimulates your appetite. Savory popcorns have wide collections such as bacon cheddar, buffalo wing, cheddar gourmet, cheesy jalapeno, salt and vinegar, Chicago steakhouse, kettle corn, loaded baked potato, dill pickle gourmet, and garlic-parmesan and hurricane gourmet. Each of them has a genuine taste of its ingredients perfectly blended with popcorns. 

Sweet gourmet popcorn- collection includes flavors like apple, banana, blueberry, cheesecake, caramel apple, caramel, cornfetti, holiday crunch, cinnamon, sea-salt, strawberry and Vegas mix. If you are looking for supreme flavors, you will get cookies and cream, fancy nut, pumpkin cheesecake, espresso beans, turtle gourmet, white chocolate and white tie. All these flavors are so tasty that you will keep on eating for hours and hours! 

The Frozen Frog offers you with the delicious and mouth-watery flavors of the Best Hawaiian Shave Ice Las Vegas. This sweet shop has a wide collection of shave ice and popcorns that please you with authentic and traditional taste of Hawaiian delicacies.

Find more information, about Frozen Frog Hawaiian Shave Ice Las Vegas here


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